Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Job Interview

Hi, I am here to tell a story about a village girl named Ranjitha. She was 23 and was very attractive. She had a good sexy body. By seeing her itself the guys will lick their tongue thinking of fucking her. But she was very calm and shy person. She didn’t want to expose her body to any other, that was clearly understood by the way she wears.
In her home her brother and her grandma was there, parents died in an accident.
She finished degree course, but unfortunately she failed in two subjects.
She was the only one in her family who have to look after her brother and grandma. So she decided to search for a job.

She applied for many jobs and attend many interviews, but no use. As she lose two subjects, she was rejected. She badly want a job. On that time she seen a open interview for a model. Anyone between age 18 an 38 can join the interview. She enquired about that and find out that it will be suitable. She thinks about it and decided to attend the interview. Interview was at Ernakulam, its very far from her village. She packed her dresses for 3 or 4 days as she have to stay there.
After a long journey by tarin she reached ernakulam. When she reached there it was almost 7pm.From there, she called an auto in order to find the office. She find out the office and decide to stay at nearby hotels as the interview is scheduled on next day 10:30am.She ate some food before taking room as she thinks that she can have a good sleep after.She takes a room at the hotel near to the office. She enters the room, locks the room and decided to take a bath. As she was alone in the room she undresses and enter the bathroom with a towel.
The water drops from the shower touches all his body parts-her lips, good juicy boobs, her attractive ass, navel, her beautiful hairless pussy, her thighs, everywhere. After bath she went out of the bathroom wearing the towel only which was not enough to cover her breast and ass. She then decided to sleep as such, and she slept very fast may be because of the journey.
When she wake up it was 8:30am.She then immediately have done all her morning duties and wear a black saree which was a gift from her friend for going to the interview. It was a black transparent saree. She wears the saree and done some make up. Then she stood in front of a mirror. Her navel was clearly seen through her saree, so he lift her saree up covering her navel. She once again make sure that her body is not exposed at any point.
As the office was near she decided to walk. But unfortunately, just before entering into the office compound the rain starts heavily. She ran into the office complex, but by that time she was fully wet. She cursed the rain and feel like crying as she doesn’t know what to do. There was not enough time to go back and change the dress.
As she was wet her whole body structure can be clearly seen. It looks like her saree was pasted to her body. All the guys were looking at her body mainly at her breast. She feel uncomfortable and then decided to attend the interview as such. There were many other females for the interview most of them in a very modern dress. After some time her name was called. She with all her courage decided to attend even if she was completely wet. She entered into the huge office.
There was only one guy in that office .His name board shows that he is Mr. Rajeev, Director of the company.
He was wondered by seeing her completely wet.

He tell him to sit and enquired what happened?.
She can’t able to sit on the cushioned chair and stood there and tell him about the rain.
He then said”ok. you go to the next room and dry up your dress, I will call you last”.
She was happy and said ok. The door to the room was from that office itself. She enter into the room and locked it from inside. It was a very huge room having a bed and an attached bathroom.

She once again checked the door and also check the room whether she was alone. Then she began remove her saree and put it under the fan. But her all other dresses were also very wet. So she removed her whole dress and sit on the bed naked. Then she see a magazine lying on the floor. She took it. In that there were only some sexy HD photos of male and females together on beach wearing only underwear and bikini. She feels something between her legs. She stretched her legs little and rubs her clit with her fingers.
Suddenly, she stops and said to herself” its not the right time”. She folded the magazine and place it on the floor itself. After almost 45 minutes she heard a knock at the door. She quickly wears all her dresses and make sure that her body is not exposed. She then enter into the office, there Rajeev is waiting. He tell her to sit and she handed over the certificates. He said” certificates are not much of a use here we want a girl having a sexy figure like you. But you should be little modern in your dressings”.she said”sir,am not interested in wearing modern dresses and exposing my body to others and i will not do it”.
He said” you had a good boobs, and ass, you have to expose it lets others also see it”. She felt like melting by hearing this and replied “sorry sir, in am not interested in that”.
He said”ok if you don’t want show it in public, you can show it privately to me. I like you very much, I want to see your whole body and want to enjoy it, then I will appoint you with great salary”. By this she lose all her control and she stood up shouted” hey you stupid creep, what you think of yourself, mind your language, I don’t want your job”. She turned to go out. He said” stop their baby, I have something to show you”.

She stopped and turn back. He turned his laptop and show her a video. She was shocked by seeing that. It was a video showing her naked body when she was at the next room. He said”there are some camera in the next room, I really like your body. I decided to put this video on internet so everyone can see”. She was shivering with fear and pleaded”please sir, don’t do it please”. He said”ok. i will not, but you have to do what all i tell if you didn’t obey i will put this in internet. ok? “.She does not have a way to deny that. She agreed.
He then said to stand on a small platform near to the table. He said” now do as i say I am going to record your each movements ok?”.she said”ok”. He said”now clear you face and create a sexy mood in your face and show me your navel”. She was shivering but managed to create some expression and pull the saree little down and remove the saree over the stomach part. He said” now put your finger deep into your navel and then slowly remove you whole saree”. she was helpless and did as he said. Then he switch on some sexy slow music and tell her to strip.
She one by one remove her whole dress according to the music and stood fully naked. He then said” now squeeze your boobs by your left hand and sit down stretching your legs apart and put your finger into your pussy”. She have to do that. Then he gave her a small dildo and ask her to use that. He said”imagine that you are alone and do it i want to see your orgasm”.
After sometime she done it. Her water spread out and he record it all clearly.

Then he handed over a mini skirt and shirt and said”now go and have a bath, then wear this and come but do not wear any undergarments “.She take the dress and entered the room and cried loudly by sitting on the bed. She cursed her fate. She was really feared of thinking her naked video in internet. She then went for bathing. She knows that her bathing also was getting recorded. Then she wear the mini skirt. It was little tight. If she jump a little the skirt will raise and her secret area can be clearly seen. Then she wear the shirt, that too was tight, clearly showing her boob size and also her nipples can be seen over it.
She entered into the office. Then he said” now you go and buy a packet of condom from the medical shop at outside of the compound”. She was shocked and said”no i can’t go out in this dress, please”. He said” you have to, otherwise i will put your videos in internet including which i recorded now, showing your orgasm”. She was helpless and said ok. She asked for money to buy condom and he said “buy it without giving money. My friend is running the shop, he know what to do.
Then one more thing if anyone give comments on you or do anything on you, do not oppose. I will be watching you”. She said ok. Then she went out the office. There were no one outside, she was relaxed by seeing that. Then she entered the ground floor. There were a lot of guys there. She felt like her head spinning. She have to go out of the compound and cross the road to reach the shop. She wants to run but she was afraid that if she run her skirt can go up.
Every guy in that floor were staring at her breast and her thighs as they can clearly see. She then walked and cross the road and reach the shop. In the shop there is only one black, slim guy. There is a large table which separates the shop from the verandha. Because of that he can only see up to her boobs. She with all his courage ask for condom. He took it and pack it. He asked for money and she said”i don’t have”.He said”what? don’t have, then you have to give some other”.
He suddenly go near to her and began to press her boobs. She was shocked and helpless. She said” please someone will see”. He said”ok come inside”.She entered. He then said”now remove my pants and suck my cock”. She said”no,if someone comes here will see us”.He said”that we will manage, now suck my cock bitch”. She have to do it she remove his pants and take his cock in her mouth. That was her first time, so she felt like vomiting and removed from her mouth.
He get angry and make her suck his cock forcefully. Now one guy came there and seen her sucking. He also get in and he removed his pants straight away. He then hold her head steady and the shop guy began to fuck her mouth deeply. She was helpless. After sometime he cum inside her mouth. She shake her head and began to spit it out but immediately after shop guy removed his cock the other one starts fucking her mouth.
This time the shop guy took his mobile and took some photos and videos of that. That guy also cum in her mouth and she have to drink that too. Then the guy who came to the shop went out. The shop guy said”give your number and come whenever i call and do as i say, otherwise your blowjob video will be available in all mobiles”. She said ok. He then squeeze her boobs hard making her scream and said”now you can go”. He give her condoms.
When she was about to go a call came and he said her to wait. Then he said”the call was from your boss, he went to his guest house and you should reach there its almost 45minutes journey by bus. I will give you money for bus”.She said”please i can’t go by bus please, He said”you have to, come with me”. He took her to nearby bus stop. A bus came it doesn’t have much people inside and she was happy, but he said”that was not your bus”. Then another bus came, it was almost fully packed and he makes her get inside that bus.
She manages to stand in front of 3 females, behind them many guys are standing. But unfortunately, the next stop came and the 3 females get down and also a sudden rush makes her in front of the guys. She can’t able to stand properly. She then feel a hand on her thighs. She turned and three guys behind her was smiling at her. One guy sitting next to her was also watching this and he also began to rub his hand on her thighs.
The guy next to him was sleeping and one guy standing behind rushed and move in front of her. Now she is surrounded, nobody else can see her except these 4. One guy started to press her boobs, one guy her ass, one on thighs and one on her pussy. Then one catches her hand and place it over his cock over the pants. The guy in the front started inserting finger in her pussy. Guy from behind squeeze her boobs and move his hand down, then lift her shirt and enter his hand through the bottom of the shirt and started massaging her stomach.
He then began to enter the finger in her navel. He then pull out his hand and remove the first two button from top of the shirt. He inserted his hand inside and began to squeeze her boobs. Other guys seeing this began to unbutton her shirt fully. She was trapped and she feel like crying and suddenly bus stops, she immediately give a push to them and hurried out from the bus and the bus goes. She doesn’t know what to do. She then decided to ask for a lift. After a long try, one car stopped. She asked a lift to the address.
He said ok. He takes the car and immediately he put his hand on her thighs. She doesn’t know what to do. He said” I know what a girl like you want. unzip my pants and suck my cock”. She have to obey that. She started sucking his cock. Now she has become an expert in sucking. He then said”can we go to my house, we can enjoy”.She said”please sir i have to go its urgent”. He said”ok, then we should meet after, but I have to see your body now “.Then he stops the car where no one was present.
He said to remove the shirt, she unbutton her shirt one by one and removed it. Then he said”can you come to backseat so I can see it nicely”. She moved to the back seat and he followed her. He then threw her shirt to the front seat. He then ask her to remove her skirt too she removed it and he threw that too in front seat. He then asks” can I take a photo, so that I can masturbate seeing this”. She said no but he forcefully took a photo. Then he tell her to suck his cock and he removed his pants.
She began to suck. Then he ask “are you sure you don’t want to go to my house?”She said” I am in a hurry. I will suck you and after that please drop me I am not interested in any other things also”. Then he said”ok now lie on your back, I want to see your boobs once again”. She lie down but then he jumped on her body and started kissing her lips. She resisted a little but no use. He then enter his cock in her pussy forcefully. She screamed and said”no please, it’s hurting ,please”.
But he didn’t mind that. He began to stroke in and out. He gives a deep kiss at her lips and inserted his tongue in her mouth and also fucking her pussy at the same time. He started fucking her pussy. When he was about to cum he removed and pumps it into her mouth. Then he said” I am sorry, but I can’t able to control it I like you very much now i will drop you”. She cleaned his face and they both wear their dress and start the car. When they reached the guest house he gave a squeeze at her breast and takes her number and leave.
She then stepped into the guest house. Rajeev was waiting at the front. She gave him the condom. He gave another mini skirt and shirt and ask her to have a bath and come to the office room inside. She entered in the bathroom and take bath. She was crying thinking of her fate when the water fell on her body she felt pain on her breast. After bathing she wears the dress he give and entered into the large office room.
She was shocked by seeing that there were 7 other guys also. Rajeev asked her to sit on the table on the platform and stretch her legs apart. She did so. The other guys are sitting in front of her watching they then removed her cloths completely and sit there naked. Rajeev then came to the platform and removed his dress completely and tell her to suck his cock. She did as he said. He make her suck deep throat continuously for a long time. Then he asked her to sit on the table and she did.
Then he began to tear off the shirt which hurt her. She said”i will remove it” He said”shut the fuck up”. He then remove her skirt too and ask her” are you ready to get fucked”.But she didn’t give any answer. Then he squeeze her boobs very hard and she screamed with pain and he ask her again”tell you slut are you ready to get fucked”.She screamed”yes”.He said”then now welcome my cock by opening your hole with your fingers”.
She then stretch her legs fully and open the lips of her pussy. By seeing that he laughed loudly and said”i don’t want your pussy, what I want is your ass hole”. She said”no please, it will hurt me please dont”. He then lift her legs up so that he can see her ass hole and started entering it. His cock was large. It was very difficult to enter, so he apply more force. She was screaming like anything. He enter a little and then remove it, again he enter his cock little deep.
Uniformly he increased it and after some more try his tip entered fully. He release it with great speed making her pain. Then entered with great force and doing it again and again he entered it fully and making it touch her very bottom. He then releases it fully and stroke it inside with high pace. She feel like her ass was splitting.
He then began to fuck her deep and increased the pace on each stoke. She was crying. After some time he release the cock and make her stand. He then tie her hands on her back and make her bend a little. He then started to enter in her ass. At this position it was more tight. He fuck in deeply that every stroke it will reach her bottom.
After some more time he release the cock, untie her and make her in doggy position and began to fuck her hard. Finally when he was about to cum he stopped. He then called a guy sitting down. He was a black almost fat guy. Rajeev asked him to lie on the table on his stomach. The other guy do it as he say. Rajeev again began to fuck her ass and when he was about to cum he release the cock and cum a full load on ass of the guy lying.
His ass was full of cum. Rajeev then said to her” now stand up and lick all the cum from his ass”. She looked in a way of pleading but no use. Her ass was burning. She then began to lick all the cum from his ass. Then Rajeev said”you are now my fuck toy, now make these guys happy”. She was shock, there are 7 guys with 7 monsters. They catch her and make her lie on the table and started. This doesn’t end here. There is still many things to come, including double penetration,

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