Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A journey to remember

Hi readers, I m a great fan of this blogspot just like u all. Reading others experiences led me to decide that I also share my first experience with u. Well it was really a wonderful and satisfying one….. something out of this world. send ur story to abcdporfessional@gmail.com
sweet seety
Let me introduce myself I m Rahul from DELHI n i doing my Engg. My partner, who is my classmate at college, Sweety is a really hot n dusky female. She is a gorgeous beauty 36-25-36 n is really a diva. Anybody would die to get her. The encounter happened in our journey back home in the train. It was the month of FEB n the winter chill was comin down but nights still were really cold.
We were supposed to catch the train for overnite journey at 10:30 but due to fog our train got late and we were stranded at the station. Both of us were really tired n were dying to get back home. We spent our time strolling on the platform n watching people come n go.
Finally the train came around 1:30 at nite n we were really glad to board it. Sweety was not feeling well of late so she was really very eager to sleep.

As we boarded the train n went inside our compartment we were pleased to c all passengers were sleeping peacefully. We had the two upper berths facing each other.The feel was excellent as curtains were drawn n it was full privacy. The stewart got us our blankets n bed sheets and we prepared to lie down.
But now sleep was out of our minds. As soon as we lay down we started lookin down for the two passengers sleepin below our respective berths. They were fast asleep n so we decided to speng some time together. Sweety was the first to initiate n she called me to her berth as she was feelin scared. I was jus makin sure that no one was awake n i climbed to her berth. We embraced each other tightly n had the blanket over us. The space was not at all sufficient for two but we were really comfortable as we were not two bodies anymore.I started kissing all over her face….as soon as our lips met I started havin an electrifying feeling….we had kissed before on numerous occasions but this time was spl as we were all by ourselves n everyone was fast asleep around us. The mood really set in n I started movin my hands to touch her soft n sexy boobs from over her shirt. This made her really hot n she started kissin me wildly.Now I moved my hands further down n pulled her shirt up to c her tits. They were amazin, trapped inside her sexy bra they were eager to break free. I unhooked her bra strap to free them and her erect nipples were now at my disposal.I slowly started my journey to her beautiful nipples from kissin her face n movin down lickin n kissin her slender neck n started suckin one of the nipples as hungrily if I was a newborn.The other was in my hand n I was pressing it hard n kneading it as one does to dough.This made her lose all her control n she started makin sounds ahh…umh.agh..ah..ah..ah..plz suck them hard…..cmon plz don’t stop…..this was all the more arousing for me n I moved my hand down to her salwar but as I was about to pull open her string she caught my hand n stopped me sayin that she was havin her menstural cycle so we can’t have it as the whole bedsheet wud b covered with blood. I was a bit dissappionted but nevertheless I didn’t want to hurt her coz I really care for her. So I started fondling with her boobs n started kissing her all over her boobs n neck.

Sweety is not the quite lover sorts n she’s really wild once ignited n I hav 2 control her most of the times.But this time it was not meant to happen coz my warm breath n moist lips on her neck boobs…all the way down to her naval woke up the animal in her as well…. the one which was dyin to make love n break all barriers…….suddenly she looked at me n said - plz I want u inside me.. plz do it all to me……. well well well… this was one permission I was so eagerly waitin for n I quickly pulled the knot of her salwar n pulled it down….my hands were movin all over her thighs n I cud feel her love hole was really wet. I felt it from over her panty n she let out a soft moan…..all this was makin me go wild…..I pulled down her white panty in a flash n touched her inner thighs n then the wet cunt…… by now we were unstoppable….she quickly unbuttoned my trousers n touched my already out of proportion Junior…. desperate to break free from the shackles of my jockey. she pulled down my jockey n took the tool in her hand…. the feelin was sooooo damn xcitin n I moved my index finger in her cunt n started finger fuckin her…… she started makin loud moans n sounds…ah..ah..ah.. plz don’t stop…. do it all…..but the noise of the train took care of the volume…this made me go crazy n I almost cummed in her hand…then she guided my tool to her lower lips n spread her legs to help it penetrate inside….I gave a little push but the position was not comfortable as her salwar n panty (which were down to her knees were restricting my movements… so I pulled them both down to her feet n went inside her ( she had to do the guiding as it was our first experience n we were both amateurs in the field…. our only knowledge was books, magzines, movies n sites but as they say u can’t learn to swin by readin a book unless u take a plunge… same is the case with SEX……)anyways I went inside her slowly as her pussy was well lubricated ( with fluids n blood ) and started pumping my rod in her. The experience was immensely pleasurable… it was such a great feeling that one forgets the whole world….. now I was fully inside her n her legs were wrappep around me to give the max penetration….. our movements started gaining tempo as now she was also matching my strokes with her hip movements.. our lips were locked n our tounges exploring each other’s mouths n saliva….. my hands were pressing her soft boobs wildly… slowly I moved my lips to her boobs n started biting her nipples n suckin her boobs…she was out o control n was moaning ah..ahh…aahh…penetrate deeper…..do it faster…..don’t stop…agh…ah…amh…do it all….. I’ve waited for it for sooo long……be mine……. ah..aah..after some time the pressure began building up in me n as I was abt to cum i wanted to pull the dick out but she insisted that being her periods it’s totally safe n so I went deep inside her on the last stroke n shot all my load in her…. we lay down like that for some time, me on top of her ( the famous missionary position )… fondling with each other’s bodies continued our afterplay… I started finger fuckin her, moved three fingers inside her cunt n kept suckin her boobs….. soon my junior started gaining strength again,now I parted her pussy lips n this time without much problem penetrated inside her.. havin had a shot before I was not gonna cum for sometime now so my cock rammed her pussy for abt 25 min during which she shouted like hell n we were left sweating despite the AC compartment in this whole experience…. in the end I shot all my cum inside her once again n we then pulled our clothes….. but sleep was nowhere in our eyes so we lay like that in each other’s embrace throughout the rest of the journey fondling n playin with each other bodies… we were so happy coz our love for each other had found a new form of expression… I got up from her berth when it was 10 minutes to New Delhi station n managed my clothes n went to my berth… the passenger below my berth was well awake this time n was givin me queered kind of luks.. but i was in no position to pay any attention to that. When the stewart came to collect the blanket n bedsheets I folded her bedsheet so as to hide the blood stains (they were not many but were prominent enough telling the whole nite’s story loud n clear ) getting down at ND Railway Station we bid each other bye with our eyes n mind havin sweet memories of the nite long encounter.


honeymoon picture of my bhabi
Hi. My name is Adit & I am 19 years old. Mine is a true experience which I
will recount now. It was 2 years back. I was born at Naroda near Ahmedabad. I was in Bombay for my college studies. I already had my elder brother staying at Bombay since about a year. My brother is a Production Engineer & had landed a very good itself. After a few months of we two staying together, we were joined by third one. My brother got married & brought my ‘Bhabhi” to stay with us. She was 23 years old. They been to honeymoon for 1 week & returned to their daily routine. Everything was fine till then. My relationship with my Bhabhi was very friendly. She would do all the work at home & I would often help her at work at home. At that time I started to have a crush on her. My brother had to work in 15 days shifts of day & night each. It all started after around a & many times during our conversation I would get an erection. I think she noticed that a few times. I would many a times try to peep in her personal activities. I don’t know whether she had caught me or not, but one fine day during our breakfast she asked me “How is my figure Adit?” I replied “Hmm.. its good. Why ?” She said “Nothing”.

I got an indication but was still reluctant to make an advance. The same night when my brother had gone to his work, she called me in her room. She said “Lets chat sometime before going to sleep” I agreed. We talked about my college & my friends & my girl friends. After about half hour she went to change to her night gown & I was lying on the bed watching T.V After about a few minutes she came from the bathroom in her regular gown. I noticed that she was not wearing a bra & I could see her beautiful boobs hanging as heavenly bodies. I immediately had an erection. She came to me & lay besides me. We watched TV for some time without talking anything & after a few minutes I got up to go to my bed. I said “Good night Bhabhi”. She smiled at me but had a peculiar look on her face. As I neared the door, she called on me & said “Adit, I don’t mind if you sleep here in my room if you feel very hot in your room”. The only A.C we had was in her room. I was puzzled & got nervous & told her I had some studies to do & avoided that night. I could read the disappointment on her face & that made me 100 % sure of her intentions. That night I did not sleep well & masturbated twice. I made up my mind that I should not lose this opportunity & would soon make a strike. Well it was the very next day itself. After a regular days college I returned at night after seeing a movie with my some friends. My brother had already left for work. Bhabhi served me the dinner sat just besides me while I was having my food. I could see the cut through her blouse & again I had an erection. I decided today is the day & asked her “Today its very hot bhabhi. Do you mind if I sleep in your room”. She promptly said yes & I could read the erotic lines in her expression. At about 10.30 pm, I entered her bedroom. She was there laying in her gown & looking very sexy. I went besides her lay on my tummy looking at her & the t.v alternatively. We talked about the movie & something here & there. I had an erection right throughout the conversation but was very nervous to make an advance. I was still a virgin. I decided to just lay asleep & let things go the way it want. Bhabhi turned of the lights & TV after sometime.
Only a dim light was on. After about 15 to 20 minutes, when I was pretending
to be asleep, I suddenly felt the best feeling of my life. I was sleeping sideways facing her Bhabhi laid one of her hands right between my thighs just touching my prick. I got an instant erection & she noticed the bulge. She lay the hands for a few seconds. I then moved my penis a little closer to her hand & positioned such that her whole hand covered my prick. The very with it. She moved closer to me & now her beautiful breasts were very near my hands. She put her hands in my pajamas after opening the buttons & I was already very wet. She suddenly stood up & looked at me & smiled. She helped me remove my such beautiful women gazing at my 9 & a half inch prick. She was seated besides me. I then they stood. The most beautiful boobs hanging there with tight & erected nipples waiting for me to suck them. She was still wearing the panties. She immediately stood up & removed them too. I still get an erection anytime of the day when I remember her removing the panties and standing nude in front of me. I was sitting on the edge of the bed. She came closer to me & sat down on the floor in front of me. I immediately figured out the next move & came still closer to the edge of the bed to assist her. The next moment I was in heaven. She held my penis & started licking it at the tip. Slowly she was moaning high as it was full 9 & half inch in. She continued it for a few minutes.

She also licked & played with my balls. Then when I was about to cum I tried
to take it out of her mouth, but she insisted it on taking in her mouth. And in next few seconds I cummed & a big load of cum shot right in her mouth. She took it all in her mouth. Some dripped out of her mouth on to her chest & some she swallowed. She moaned too. Then she laid on the bed & spread her legs. I went on top of her & started to kiss her lips heavily. I came lower & kissed her nipples & she moaned. I sucked her hard beautiful nipples heavily. I lowered more & licked her shapely tummy. She spread her legs. My hand intinctively went on her cunt & started exploring it. She moaned again. I kissed her cunt & it smelled so good I could hardly take my mouth of it. My fingers went into her cunt & I could feel her clit waiting to be felt. At that moment she moaned heavily & said yes yes yes. I then lowered my tongue spreading her cunt with my fingers & started licking her clit. I slowly increased my intensity & pushed my tongue hard against her clit & she started moaning heavily. My other hand started to explore her ass. She had got a beautiful tight ass which I think had been unexplored. My fingers started to find its way in her ass & she again said yes yes. I continued to lick her clit for some time often pressing her boobs. After a few minutes she cummed & I saw the cum oozing out of her cunt & dripping out. She asked me to take it in. I did so & it tasted very good. She laid with her eyes closed for a few moments & then got up to go to the bathroom. She held my hand & pulled me into the bathroom. We stood under the shower kissing each other heavily. After a few minutes I again had an erection. She told me not to fuck because since I was a virgin we should not overdo. She promised for the next day. I simply pressed myself against her ass & after a few minutes she held my penis in her hand & started jerking often playing with my balls. I cummed again she drank my cum again. We went out of shower changed the bed sheet & lay naked in the bed for a few minutes. Then I said her good night & went to my room. She smiled at me & told me thanks for all. I smiled & returned her the thanks & said “Tomorrow, I want to lose my virginty” to which she promised. I the morning I woke up after the most beautiful night I have ever had. The next night was even more beautiful & since then we have had very good times together even during the day.

Sex With Shilpa Aunty

Decent Shilpa Aunty
I was staying in Bangalore in a one bedroom apartment complex. On one side the building there were 2 apartments, which was kind of separated from the rest of the apartments. I was 24 years old then. I had a neighbor an anty (Shilpa) and her 3 1/2 year old son. Shilpa anty was 33 years old. I called her anty, that is how I began addressing her. She was good looking and really good sexy figure. However she dressed well, not exposing much of her beauty. We had a balcony which was almost common, meaning we could go the others balcony. There weren’t any other apartments on that end, so it was kind of secluded. She used to wear a nighty at home. It was enough transparent that I could catch a good view of her figure. I used to get an almost hard one the moment I see her, anybody would. She was a very decent woman. Though she was alone, never have I seen her trying to flirt with other man. Her husband was in Singapore and he would come only once in two years.
On a lot of days, in the evening she would come over to the balcony to spread the clothes for drying after washing. We never got that close to each other, excepting saying how are you and figuring out where each of us were working etc.. for a few months. Of course I used to look at her, at-least trying to not let her notice that I was observing her.
I used to work until 7.30 or 8 pm and get home. I liked cooking also, so I rarely used to go out for food. After I come in the evening I used to go for one of jogging (around 2 kms) and after that I used to come over to the balcony and do some streching excercise. I am also a handsome guy, 5 foot 9 inches tall and sexually attractive. When I came over to the balcony for streching I used to remove my tea shirt. She used to look at my body as i stood bare, doing the streching excercises.
I managed getting friendly to her son by then. On weekends we used to play. He would come over to my house and we used something or the other. I even got a couple of toys for the kid. On most days his mother (Shilpa anty) used to come over to my house calling his son, Jitu (Jitu monay), come have food. He would say he is not hungry, he wants to play. He was too smart a boy, when his mother tried forcing him too much, he would say, would you please get the food over here and feed me while I play with Uncle(me). As she used bend to feed her son, I used to her cleavage and exposing enough of her breast. He would take the food, hold it in his mouth and not eat for a long time. His mother would try making him to eat and to give the next spoon. Each time she used to bend, even if she did not manage feeding his son, I could get enough of a view of her breasts. I was getting enough of a hard one. While she was feeding him, she observed that I was looking at her boobs, but she did not show any signs of hiding it from me. In fact on many of those occation, I also used to remain bare without shirt. I even observed, that she also looked at my body on many occasions.
The bathroom of our apartments were on the side of the balcony and if the ventilators of the balcony was open, one could catch a good glipmse of the person taking bath. One day late in the evening when I came home after jogging for streching on the balcony, I could hear that she was taking bath. I even found there was bit more of a light from the bathroom on the balcony than usual. I knew she had adjusted the ventilator to let me have a look. She usually used to take bath early in the evening. Of late she started taking bath during the time I when I come for streching on the balcony. I went over to the side of her balcony and stood so that I could see inside and a real to view of her naked body. Actually she was letting me see the house. By then I don’t know how many times I masturbated seeing her. One night after I had done my jogging and streching, i had applied oil on my body and was waiting to take bath. I had nothing on my excepting for a thin piece of cloth around my waste( no underwear). She came over and asked me to help her put a bulb which was blown off. I said I shall come after taking bath. She said no no, why don’t you come now, it should be over quickly. Actually on seeing her itself I started growing. It was raining outside and it was 9.30 pm and her son was asleep.
I climped on the stool to put the bulb, I stood facing her. She was holding on the stool with one hand and the other the torch pointing the bulb. I started growing and mine was almost of the verge of coming out the small piece of clothe. She did see my dick, hard and erect. Actually she was looking at my cock so much that even though I put the bulb she was still looking at my erect cock. As I was getting down from the stool, I slipped and fell. I caught hold of her while falling and she also fell with me. There was some mild thunder storms and the power went off at the same time. I was on top of her and by then the small piece of towel I had around my waste fell off. I was rock hard, I couldn’t without fucking her. I was squeezing holding her butts and all, but did not dare to fuck her. We got up without fucking and I went to take bath, by then the power came. All the while I was so hard, I could not resist fucking her. She too went and changed her closed as all the oil from my body was on her clothes. After I took bath, I went to her house and knocked from the balcony entrance. Of course that is how we go normally to each others house. She asked what, I said, if she would massage by back, that it was hurting after I fell. It was hurting only mildly. She was feeling sorry and she oblidged. She said, yes I shall come now.
When She came over, I told I have kept some water for boiling in the kitcken, so that she could massage my back with the hot water. I was sitting on my bed. I was just wearing a lunky and no underwear. Actually when she came I observed she too was wearing nothing but a nighty, no bra or no underskirt or panties. She came over to my bed, as I had told her it was my back that was hurting, she asked me to ly on my stomach so that she could apply the hotwater bath on my back. When she sat on the edge of the the bed and our thighs were making enough contact with each other. I left my right hand on her thigh as she was placing the hotwater bag on my back. As he was placing I knew her hands were making enough contact with my skin. I have a firm good butts too. After a a while of that I asked her to massage my back. My lunki’s knot had got untied so that she could squeeze my back. After a while I asked her if was hurt, she said only very little. I said , better we apply some heat onto her back also. As I was getting up she could not help taking her eyes of my erect cock.
She said no need and all, but I forced her. I held her hand and asked her to ly. She lay on my bed on her stomach. I took the hotwater bag placed on her back couple of times. I said I can massage her better if I sat with my legs on top of her. I sat on her thighs and massaged all her back. I often went to the extend that I could make contact with her breasts. We both were enjoying enough. Slowly I started squeezing her boobs. She did not resist in any way. Actually my dick was pressing really hard between the crack of her butts. She lay enjoying and continued my stroke. I knew, now what ever I do she would not resist. She was that hot. I could feet that her niples were really hard. Know I wanted to fuck her and I had to raise her nighty somehow. I slowly started moving lower on her thigh and occasionally moving up. In the process I managed raising her night enough that we would feel each other skin.
Her nighty was raised to as much as her knees in a few minutes. I went still lower. This time as I was moving up , my dick held on her nighty and it was getting pulled. I still did not make any quick moves. In a matter of minutes I had raised her nighty more than enough. Suddenly the power went off again because of some thunder. I still continued. She was actually lying on her stomach and eyes closed and enjoying. Now I removed my lunky and moved up and my hard cock was trying to enet where ever it could. It was between the crack of her butts. My cock was also wet and she could feel that jelatinous material on her butts. I once again moved lower and started squeezing her buts. One of my hnds in that process went to her stomach and navel. Slowly I moved that hand of mine towards her cunt. She was wet and flowing. I knew, there is no point wasting any more time. I slowly moved up, put I had under and squeezed her boobs.
She was moaning by then. I slowly turned her around and in that motion I raised her nighty enough, so that it was no more any obstable between us. She was simply yielding to every act of mine. Now she was on her back and I was on top of her and sucking her nipple. She was moaning. As I was sucking her niples I made it a point to rub my dick around her pussy and clit. I could feel it was wet. Actually we both were wet and flowing. After a couple of strokes around her pussy, se was breathing heavily and moaning. By then without each of us knowing my cock had entered her. I was so hot and hard that I started fucking real hard. She had cum by then. I was squezing her butts and fucking rock hard, she had another cumm. I too came. As I was doing I asked her if I could cum inside her, as we wer not using any condom, she said, sure, she just had her periods over. So I ejected inside her. I was bathed in sweat by then. I lay on top of her and relaxed with my cock inside her.
After a few minutes, I carried her to the bathroom and we both gave each other a good bath.
There afterwards we had sex on numeerous occasions, but .. this was memorable.

Supriya....... the Horny Neighbor

I’m living in a 2 storied house in Kolkata and an apartment complex had been constructed just beside it so we had 12 new neighbors on the 1st floor was a couple with a daughter in class 10. Her name was supriya and she was around 5’5” with a figure of 38-32-38.she looked big for her age and to top it she would only wear micro minis and tank tops. all the guys in the locality used to stare at her whenever she passed us and would make us hot.
Slowly we were introduced and got to know that she had failed a couple of times in school and that she was 20 years of age. I don’t know what is there in west Bengal that the girls and ladies have such lovely faces and mind boggling figures. every other girl here has such a nice and busty figure that makes my mouth watery. anyways back to supriya , she would talk to me whenever we met outside and my friends started to tease me about it, believe me at first I never thought of anything with her since she was my neighbor and her parents were very nice to me and I did not want any complications in my locality. she had computers as her subject and would at times ask me certain things which she couldn’t understand and also started to use my pc for her school projects. I would help her by finding all the data and she got an a in computers as well as her projects which were done by me.

Once we were working on something and she suddenly asked me whether I chat on the computer. I replied yes sometimes ,with whom ? She asked further and I said friends. Girlfriends? I replied few, mostly my batch mates and cousins all over the world.
I asked her what about you do you have any boyfriends? She said no. I replied you expect me to believe that? She became quiet and sad. I asked her what’s the matter? She broke down in small sobs and said that she had a boyfriend in the place where she came from but her parents as well as his parents were against the relationship and that she missed him terribly. I asked her can I do something. She replied no. I asked why?

She said that he had dumped her and was now going around with a girl his parents had chosen and was already engaged to her. I said that’s mean. she looked up at me and started to cry. I went forward to console her and held her back and gave her my hanky to wipe her face and she hugged me tightly. I slowly kissed her forehead to reassure her that she was a very beautiful girl and could get anybody as her boyfriend. she said anybody? I said yes. She replied would you be my boyfriend? I was completely taken off guard and became red. She started smiling and started staring at my face. I said I’ve never thought of you as a girlfriend. she became sad and told me why am I not good enough for you ? I told her no she was……but….. She stopped me midway and kissed me on my lips. I asked her what that was.. She replied kiss and did it again. I asked her who has taught you all this and she just smiled and said hey remember I had a boyfriend once. I asked her what else did you guys do she said everything .I asked what do you mean by that ? She said do you want to hear all ? I nodded yes ,she replied we had started kissing and fondling 2 years ago and past six months they had also started to make love and oral sex and that she missed him terribly when she got horny and that was like almost everyday. she told me he would make love to her almost everyday and they would spend a lot of time together. I was feeling very horny hearing all this and my cock had started to get hard. she then looked up at me and said do you want to make love to me? I looked at her from top to bottom and kept quiet she just came into my arms and hugged me. I kissed her on her lips and we were kissing each other for 10-15 mins and I moved her up from the chair to my bed and started to fondle her breasts .she moaned uhhhh uhhhhhhhh I opened her top and her brassiere and let her breasts out. Wow they were like big and still firm with pink areolas the size of 1 inch and light brown nipples poking out about a centimeter between them . I sucked and fondled them for 15 -20 mins and the nipples grew bigger she asked me to bite them and I did the same sending her into a deep breath. now I started to caress her thighs and opened her skirt and pushed it down .
I held her panty elastic and yanked it off her in no time. she had lovely shaven pussy which was completely wet by now.

I kissed her on the pussy and she started to remove my tee-shirt and open my shorts and pulled them down too. Since I was wearing no undies my 8 inch cock sprang out like a hissing snake which she held tightly and moved it up and down. She looked up at my cock and started staring at it .I asked her what happened .she replied its nice and big ,much bigger and thicker than my previous boyfriends and that she was scared it might hurt her. I said no ill take care and she said thanks. We got into a 69 position with her on top and I started to lick her dripping wet pussy while she fondled my balls and sucked on my cock . In between she would suck my balls too . I was about to explode and told her that I’m going to cum .she said ok and kept on sucking my cock till I came in her mouth in jets .she swallowed all my sperm and said that its very tasty.
We then got freshened up and came back to my bed and started to kiss one another.. In no time my cock started to rise again and she held it and said that this time I want you to cum inside my pussy .I said ok and started to enter her .she spread her legs and I entered her slowly …after a few slow strokes I started pumping her like mad. After about 5-6 mins I asked her to change the position she said which 1 I replied doggy. she got on her elbows and legs and pushed her pussy towards me I entered her from behind holding her hips with one hand and fondling her hanging breasts with the other .I pumped her for some 4-5 mins and she said lets get back to missionary position .I said ok .she turned around and spread her legs . I entered her once again and she held me close to her with her arms and started pushing my backside with her legs crossed around me .after a few minutes she was moaning aahh ……… aahhhhhh ……. Aaahhhh…and suddenly she screamed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. I to came at that moment inside her and after some moments of deep breath lay still beside her. She said that she was dreaming for a person like me when they came here and was very happy.
After that she would come to my house every evening for a course in computers and intercourse with my cock .we screwed in many positions woman on top, sideways , standing, we even screwed in the bathroom whilst bathing under a shower but the ultimate was when she had her exams . She had bought a few syllabus cd’s and loaded them on my pc. Now she would stay till 11 pm reading notes and me doing some other work . At times when we felt like I would lick and suck her whilst she was studying and sometimes we made love on the table itself by lifting her skirt and blouse and removing her bra and panty and entering her standing. she told me not to worry about pregnancy as she started to take pills she used to before with her boyfriend.
What more could a boy want ? I had free pussy whenever I wanted. Wherever I wanted. life couldn’t have been better. But alas after her class x ,she went to u.s. To stay with her uncle and got admitted there in some high school. Now I feel very lonely without her and would love to meet new girls / boudis from kolkata who love to screw with a horny man.

Sex with my lovely Aunt

lovely Anunty VEENA
My aunt (Veena) got married to a Bank employee and she had two kids both are between 10(boy) and 15(girl) in age. My uncle was transferred to Bangalore and he often visits ones in a month. My aunt stayed in mangalore.
Once am in holidays and wanted to stay in my aunt’s house for 4 days. it was Monday night, we all finished our dinner and my cousins went for bed. After finishing the dinner aunt had gone for bath. I didn’t get sleep so i wanted to read some magazine. So i gone to my aunt’s room there i heard the sound of water flushing. So i peeped into bathroom. There i saw my aunt naked. she was massaging her boobs in front of mirror from her left hand and from another hand she was rubbing her cunt (pussy).
By watching this i couldn’t tolerate myself. By some how i dared to go inside. and stood beside her. She felt like somebody was near to her and she turned around me. For her surprise it’s me. See was shy but, she felt like she was in need of sex. And I slowly moved my hands over her right boobs. It was very smooth like cotton and I started to smooch her. Now she got erected and she had given her tongue to suck. The juice of her mouth was sweet like a gulab jamun’s juicy oil.
After that I took the towel and rubbed all over her and lifted her in my arms.
She closed her eyes and hugged me. I dropped her slowly on bed. She was like a newly married girl like a teenage girl. Her boobs were of 36-38 in size. She was sexy. I put my hands around her stomach. wa woh it was amazing like a spongy pillow. I put my finger on the hole which is located in her stomach and started massage over there. She started to moan ummmmmmm after I started to squeeze her nipples by using my two fingers like an chapati’s atta. Now she was in heaven. Now a juice came from her cunt. I started to drink and had not left one drop. Now she asked me to fuck her like anything.
Now I separated her legs and kept my 6inchs dick(Penis) in her pussy boarder and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were welcoming me and she was hunger for sex. But I wanted to kiss her lips and while kissing she satisfied me and asked me to satisfy her.
Now by trusting my dick in front of her pussy hole, I pushed my dick. I was feeling very hot in her. It was my first experience and it was amazing. I was pulling my dick out and pushing it in like an machine. Guys it was too good. What a heat….
She started to moan ummmmmmm.. haaaaaaaa haaaaaa.. she started to encourage me à o dear don’t be slow…. Keep going.. u made my day…… hege joragi hodi…. Enu jorgi hodi… nanna anna na maagene hodi… nanna yoni yaanu haari,,,,, nana aliya neenu…
By listening this I started to fuck her in a horse speed. We both had an orgasm.
We had our sex rounds for 4-6 times.
She wanted to be pregnant from me. And with in one year she is pregnant.
Now she is a mother of 3 children’s. Even now am having sex with her and while having sex I drink the milk from milky breast its almost more than 38 in size.

Pallo my sexy Sister

I am 18 years of age. This story is about me and my sister - Maya. Her pet name was Pallo. She is 21 right now and she was just going to get married. I had a serious passion on females. I am a very frustrated person. My sister has a very sexy figure. She has a sexy body with huge boobs and great tits. She has a tight ass too.

I must have mastrubated hundred’s of time thinking about her sexy ass. She was a virgin. This incident happened last month. Our parents had gone to meet my Uncle in Chandigarh. I and Pallo were living alone in the house. We had a servant who had gone for a leave. On Saturday me and my sister made a plan to meet our friends in an hotel for lunch on Sunday. My sis did not know about me dream about her. The next day I got up with an erect (men will be knowing about it - It happens in the morning as you get up). My dick was on its full size - 5″. As our servant was not there my sister came inside my room with tea. I think she saw my penis in my pants standing. She did not say anything that time but gave me a hidden smile. I was embarrassed. I was not very open to her. She was in her night robe which was a bit tight for her. I could see her nipples through it as she was not wearing a bra. She bent down to keep my tea beside me and I could see her boobs trying to tear out the gown. She kept the tea beside me and went away giving me a smile. Then I got out of my bed and took my tea and went outside to fetch the paper. I sat down on a rocking chair and started reading the paper. Suddenly the thought of my sister came into my mind. My dick started to erect again. It started paining me as it was under my underwear. I took my penis out of my pants and gave it some fresh air. I kept the paper on top of it and started dreaming about my sister getting rammed by me and getting fucked by me in doggy style. Suddenly, my sister came and removed the paper to read it. I had no time. She saw my penis at full length. She got shocked. She must have not thought that my dick could be so big. She again gave a small smile and walked away from me. I got embarrassed.
In the afternoon I told my sister to get ready as our the time I was thinking about me and my sister. When I came out I saw that Pallo’s room was opened and she was having a bath. I think she had left the room opened for me but I did not go in. Just then she came out with a towel around her. I think she saw me and she dropped her towel. She started to wipe her body. She was a sexy babe. Her huge boobs were round and firm. Her nipples were ready for a fuck. Then she laid down on the bed and started to clean the water between her long, sexy legs. Now I could see her vagina. Now I was really desperate and I was ready to fuck her just as she was but I was afraid. Then she then wore a sari and we were ready to go.
At the hotel I was not paying attentions to what my friends were saying. It was like a small party. I was all the time thinking about my sister. She was sitting right next to me. My penis erected again. I was in the wonderland then suddenly something happened. I felt a hand moving slowly on top of my pant, right next to the zip. That was my sister’s hand. She gave me a smile and kept talking to her friend while she kept fingering me from under the table. Now her hand was on top of my zip and was giving my dick a massage.
The party got over real quick. We got into the car and we started towards our house. In Delhi there were many red lights we had to cross. At one red light I had to put a hard brake. Pallo’s sari came off her blouse. I said “Pallu”. She looked at me but she did not even touch her sari. I could see her huge breasts just trying to tear out the blouse. I don’t know what happened to me at that time. She started to take long breaths in and out and I could see her boobs going up and down. Wow, that was a thing to see. On another red light I again gave a hard brake and kinda kept my hand on her blouse as if it was an accident. She did not say anything. As I tried to remove my hand from her, she caught my hand and kept my hand next to the blouse. She again gave me a smile. I knew by that time that she had now got to know about my dream. I started to put my finger in the cave made by the to boobs and the blouse. It was hot in there. She gave a slight moan. I was also likeing it and I did not remove my hand off her. Now I started to do this with two fingers and tried to go deeper in the cave to touch her tits. But then unluckily our
We got off the car and I entered first. I hung the car her sari out. She closed the door. She was just in her blouse and petticoat. I got her intentions now. She came towards me and jumped on me locking me between her sexy legs. She said “You wanted to fuck me, you bahenchood, so fuck me”. She started to kiss me wildely. She started to undress me. She first wnet for my huge cock. My dick was on full erect that time. She kissed my balls and took the full 9″ inside her mouth and gave me a great blowjob. I told her that I was gonna cum. She said the unload all of it inside her mouth. A huge pile of cum shot right inside her mouth. I was also moaning. A bit of cum dropped outside her mouth and she licked it back in. Both of us were fully enjoying it. Then I was also ready now and I started to undress her. First I opened her petticoat and it dropped down on the floor. Then slowely I started to open her blouse. Now she was only wearing matching black bra and a panty. I opened her bra and her boobs fell out loosely. WOW, that was a great sight. I kissed her first gently on her nipples and then I started to suck it. She gave me a big moan. I liked the sound of it “yeahhhhhhh………mmmmmmmmmm………Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…”. She said “Fuck me hard like a bitch”. Then I started to lick her whole body. She had her pussy shaved and she really had a nice pussy. I picked my sister up and I started to take her to the bedroom. She suddenly said “NO”. I was surprised. Again I started moving, she said “NO”. I asked her what was the problem. She said that she wanted to get fucked right there - in the drawing room. I kept her down and spread her legs. I could see her vagina sealed. I started to lick her pussy. She started licked every part of it. Then she said the she wanted to loose her vaginity (and mine too). It was waiting for a rod to be broke open. I pressed her breast hard. She screamed a bit. I sucked her nipples so hard that I nearly bit it. Then I applied my saliva on her cunt and on my dick for lubrication. Then I guided my rod through her legs into her pink pussy and in one blow broke open her lock. She screamed with pleasure and me too. I started the to and fro motion slowly. She was saying stop, stop and moaning like a wild bitch. I did not care and I out and my sister was enjoying every bit of her life at that time. I told her load right inside her vagina. Both of us were exhausted till that time. We went inside the room and came into 69 position. I put my whole weight on her and started fucking her. I know she was also enjoying. I put my hands below her boobs and started to squeeze them while fucking her ass. In five minutes, I started to cum. I leaked my juice in her ass. I laid there like that on her for about two minutes. Then she came on top of me like a cowgirl and started riding on top of me with my dick in her pussy. Her juice was leaking out. I took my dick out and licked her honey pot empty. Then I unloaded my cum on her body, her breast, hair, stomach. She took it and licked it. Then we both went to have a bath. In the shower, I grabbed her by the hips, pushed her down on the floor and pushed in my dick. I started to fuck her again and the motion was now even more faster. Now I had gone mad. Under the shower I started to fuck her and lick her like a mad dog. Then I took my dick out and I put it in her mouth and unloaded all of my cum into it. She then told me that she was tired and we bout lied naked, and wet on the bed. We both were smiling at each other and she told me that she wanted to do this again and again whenever we had a chance. I readily agreed.
From the day we both had a very good relationship. We fucked each other like hungry dog and a bitch.

My Sweet and Sexy Frnd (Part 3)

Neha's Impotent Husband

This is a story of my friend Praveen and his wife with me. Please enjoy......
Neha was very happy. Today, she was a married woman. Neha got married to Pravin, a heir of very reputed builder firm of Mumbai, Shah developers. It was a completely arranged marriage. Mrs. Shah had seen Neha in one function.

sexy neha

She was very impressed by Neha's beauty and her manners. Her education also suited the Shah's business. Neha was MBA finance and was employed at an MNC. She was a perfect fit for Pravin, who himself was a IIM graduate and was very active in the property development business. Unlike many other builders, Shah Developers was very professional and truly ISO 9001 company. Within 6 months of Mrs. Shah spotting her in a function, Neha got married to Pravin. They had gotten 3 months before marriage to get to know each other. Neha was a bit anxious about his 3 months period. She had heard about her friend, who lost her virginity to her fiancee before marriage and then the marriage broke.
Neha had decided to be very firm and not let Pravin take her undue advantage. But to her pleasant surprise, Pravin was very gentle. During their three months courtship, Pravin and Neha met many times and at all the times, Pravin insisted on knowing how Neha is like from heart.
They did kiss each other and sat on the beach watching sun set cuddling each other, but that's about it. By the time of the wedding, both of them had become very close friends, which to Neha was a very important thing.
On the wedding night, Pravin's friends had booked a penthouse in Oberoi for Pravin and Neha. After the home coming ceremony was over at around 9:30PM, both got into their Mercedes and headed towards Oberoi. Pravin looked little tensed in the car.
Neha even asked him what had happened, but he did not say much. Neha though he was exhausted by the ceremony. As they reached the Oberoi, they checked in and went straight into their penthouse.
The penthouse was one bedroom suite with open tub and a lovely view of marine drive. The bed was decorated with flowers. As they got in,Pravin shut the door. Neha went towards him and hugged him. Pravin kissed her head.
They remained in that position for some time before Pravin suggested her that they get changed into comfortable clothes. Neha smiled and asked him "Why, you don't want to lift my Ghungat and see my face?" Pravin laughed but did not say anything.
Anyways, Neha too was very uncomfortable in her wedding clothes, so she reached to her suitcase, picked up a nice two piece Violet coloured satin gown and went in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Pravin got himself into a white cotton kurta and pyjama and sat on the chair and turned the TV on. When Neha came out of the bathroom, she was looking extremely sexy. She did not wear a bra. Her erect nipple were apparant through her satin gown. She went behind Pravin's chair and wrapped her arms around Pravin and kissed his lips. Pravin responded back to her with mouth to mouth kiss. But Neha thought it was dry. Pravin got himself out of her hands, stood up and took her on the nearby sofa. He made her sit on the sofa and sat next to her.
Neha closed her eyes waiting for Pravin to start exploring her, but to her shock, Pravin asked her to open the eyes and listen to what he had to say. Neha opened her eyes. In her mind, she thought that Pravin was going to talk about some past affair and may be he was not virgin.
But she decided to forgive him since it was his past. She didn't care about the past. All she cared about was the present and future. But it was not that easy. What Pravin told her that night was not something Neha could ever imagine.
Pravin was an impotent man. He could never have an erection. Only reason he got married was to save his face in front of the world. This fact was known only to his father and not even his mother. His father showed him to many doctors but alas!
They could not point out any bodily anomaly. According to the doctors, it was something psychological and not physical. EvenViagra would not help him. Neha didn't even know how to react. She started crying. Pravin moved closer to her and held her against his chest.
Neha said "I had so many plans for us Pravin! I kept my virginity all these years only to give it up to you. I wanted to have your children. You know how much I like children. Its all gone now."Pravin said "I am sorry Neha . I love you, but I can not fulfill all your desires.
We will find our way out. I promise, you will have a child. If I can not give you one, science is advanced. We will get a donor. I will give you whatever you want".Neha wiped her tears, looked into his eyes and kissed his lips and said, "Its okay dear.
The fact that you love me from bottom of your heart is more important for me than you not being able to have sex with me". Both of them hugged each other and remained in that position for some time before they headed to the bed.
When in bed, Pravin took Neha in his arms. He was moving his hands over Neha's back. Neha was feeling very cosy in his arms. It was first time when she was experiencing being so close to a man. She liked that feeling. She freed herself fromPravin's hug and removed her robe.
Now she was only in the inner piece of her gown. It was a low neck, sleeveless gown covering her body, just above her knees.Neha moved closer to Pravin and buried his head in her chest and whispered "Pravin you do love me right?" Pravin nodded.
"And you want to keep me happy whole life?" Pravin didn't know what she had in mind, but he nodded. "Then I want you to treat me like a woman. Even if you don't get any feelings by doing so." Pravin moved his head away from her breasts, and looked at her with wide eyes.
"Yes, Pravin. I can not control myself. I have masturbated many times thinking of over first night. Now, you have to fulfill that fantasy. Even if you can not get inside me." "I will do what you want my dear..as much my body co-operates".
Neha smiled and asked Pravin to remove his kurta and pyjama. Pravin did so. Pravin had a good build and firm hairy chest. Pravin laid next to Neha, with only his underwear on him. Neha pushed him so he laid on his back and then she rode onto him.
She bent over him so that he had a full view through her low neck gown, of her 34c breasts hanging off of her body. She asked him to press them.Pravin did so. Neha moaned very softly. She had touched her own breasts many times, but the touch of a man was definitely different.
Pravin played with her nipples. She squirmed over his body. Her vagina was pressed against his dull penis. Neha now kissed Pravin's chest. Pravin was not having much of an enjoyment from what Neha was doing, but it was a pleasure for Pravin to see Neha indulged into sexual act.
Now Neha was over Pravin's body. Her breasts were pressed on Pravin's chest. Her waxed, smooth legs were rubbing over Pravin's hairy legs. She kissed Pravin's lips. Though impotent, Pravin was a good kisser. He had all qualities of a man except for his erection.
Neha asked Pravin to help take her gown off. Pravin lifted his gown from bottom. Now Neha was complete nude. She lowered Pravin's underwear. She was seeing man's penis first time. She played with it. But unlike what her friends told her about how the penis gets erect when handled by a woman, this one remained dull. She started rubbing her clitoris against his dull tool. Her breasts were getting pressed against his chest. She nibbled his nipples. She askedPravin to press her buttocks while she rubbed herself against him.
Pravin did so. Slowly, Neha's pace increased. She was coming closer to the orgasm. Pravin could feel the wetness. In a while, Neha had her orgasm. She moaned heavily. Although Pravin was impotent, he had read lot of sex books and he could realize that Neha had an orgasm.
He felt very good that he was of some use to bring a woman to orgasm without having to get inside her. Neha now calmed down. Both of them stayed in that position for some time before Neha got off him and slept next to him, naked.
So, days started passing by. It was already 3 years since they got married. Mr. Shah had passed away about a year ago. Now it was Pravin and Neha who took care of the entire business. Neha continued masturbating at nights with the help of Pravin.
No one needed to know the glitch in their married life. Pravin also bought a dildo that he could wear on his non erect penis so he could get inside Neha to give her vaginal orgasm. But lately, Neha was getting more introvert. Something was bothering her, but she wasn't sharing.
One night, she asked Pravin, "Pravin, do you still stand by your words from our first night?" Pravin was surprised by this question. "Ya, why?" He asked."I want a child". "Hmmm.. I will get an appointment of a fertility clinic to find a good sperm bank".
Neha shook her head and said "No Pravin, I don't want a test tube baby." Pravin was surprised. He looked at her and asked: "What do you mean?" She said, "I want to have baby naturally. The way our ancestors used to do it. ThroughNiyog ".
"You mean by sleeping with some other person?" "Yes. I love you and don't doubt my intentions Pravin, I loved you, I love you and I will continue to love you. But I want to give 100% natural birth. Not a test tube baby". Pravin looked concerned.
He did not say anything. Neha continued. "I have thought about this Pravin. I also know whom I want to sleep with". Pravin was shocked. Neha continued, "It's Rakesh. I wanted someone similar to you so that our child was either like you or me.
And I think Rakesh has crush on me". Rakesh Chaudhary was the software Developer in his 30's working for Shah Softwares. Pravin had noticed Neha and Rakesh spending lot of time together for work. "So you also have crush on him?" Neha expected this question from Pravin.
She said "Pravin, I am always truthful to you. Don't get me wrong. I love you very much. But as a woman, somewhere deep down I am craving for being wanted by a man. When I wear low neck blouses, it never excites you to see my beautiful body, but I see that excitement in Rakesh. I must confess, I am sexually attracted towards him". Pravin was very nervous. He did not know how to react. He loved Neha very much and did not want to loose her. He asked Neha to give him some time.
Neha said "Fine. But I hope you understand my situation. All these years, I have been truthful to you and I will always be like that. But our relationship is more as friends than man and woman. I want to experience that relationship and get a child".
Pravin asked her to give at least a days time to think. She agreed and both of them went to bed. Pravin could not sleep that night. He thought about the situation in a manner he always thought of any business problem. He did a thorough SWOT analysis.
Weighed pros and cons of Neha's demands and made up his mind. Next morning, Pravin woke Neha up. He told her "Neha, you know how much I love you and I don't want to loose you. There is no doubt in my mind about your love towards me.
The very fact that you told me about your desires last night has proven your love to me. I am ready to have you sleep with Rakesh . But I have just one condition: You will sleep with him only when I present in the room.
I will not interfere with what you two indulge into, but I like to see you enjoying sex. I feel satisfied. Rakesh Chaudhary has always been truthful to the family and I am confident he will keep this very secret." Neha was happy that Pravin took the situation very sportingly.
She agreed. Both decided how to approach this situation. Neha was very proud of her husband's problem solving skills. He had solution to any situation. As they had planned, Pravin spoke to Rakesh. He first put Rakesh on back foot by saying that he noted Rakesh having crush on Neha.
Rakesh's face became pale. He started apologizing to Pravin. Pravin then took him into confidence and explained him about his impotence and how he thought Rakesh would be the perfect surrogate father of Shah family's heir.
After hearing what Pravin had to say, Rakesh was astonished, but at the same time feeling very happy that he was getting to sleep with the queen of his fantasy - Neha. Rakesh had a huge crush on him and he had masturbated many times thinking of Neha.
He never thought his dream would come true like this. As Pravin instructed, Rakesh went through the thorough medical check-up to make sure he was fertile and also did not have any sexual disease. After all medical reports came clear, Pravin, Neha and Rakesh went to Pravin's farm house near Goa. It was a beautiful 4 bedroom farm house nested in trees and with a private beach. Rakesh was given a bedroom on the same floor where the master bedroom was. They had a dinner and at around 11:00 at night, they went to their bedrooms.Pravin asked Rakesh to take shower and come to their room. Rakesh went to his room to take shower. Pravin and Neha went to their bedroom. Neha kissed Pravin and said "Dear, I really don't know how to thank you!"
"No Neha ! You don't have to thank me. I never imagined that you will continue to be married with me after hearing what I had to say. This is the least I could do for you.OK, now don't waste time. I have packed the gown you wore on first night.
Go change into that." Neha kissed him again and picked up the gown and went to change into it. Few minutes after Neha came out of the bathroom, Rakesh knocked their bedroom. Neha looked at Pravin who was sitting in the reclining chair.
He signaled her to open the door. Neha did so. Rakesh was mesmerized to see Neha in that gown. Her cleavage was attracting him. She had not worn a bra. He just stood there looking at her. Neha smiled and asked him to get in.
As Rakesh got in, Neha shut the door. Rakesh didn't know what to do. He was very awkward to see Pravin sitting there. Pravin realized that Rakesh won't open up. So he asked for an excuse and went to bathroom. Once Pravin went to bathroom, Neha asked Rakesh, "Are you just going to stand like that?" and she moved closer to him. Rakesh held her hands. Neha bit her lower lip. Rakesh lowered his head and softly kissed Neha. Neha put her arm around his neck and responded with very passionate kiss. This was enough for Rakesh to get started.
Rakesh now put his hand on Neha's breast. The feeling of the breast without a bra underneath silk gown was great. Neha softly moaned. She loved that manly touch. She had also noticed Rakesh's erect penis rubbing against her body.
This was the first time she was experiencing an erect penis. She became a bit wet. She continued to chase Rakesh's tongue with hers in Rakesh's mouth and Rakesh continued to squeeze her breasts while kissing her.
Now, Neha freed herself from Rakesh's arms and removed the outer layer of her gown. Then she started unbuttoning Rakesh's shirt. Rakesh helped her. Rakesh removed his shirt and with bear chest, he again took Neha in his arms. Neha's head was resting on Rakesh's bare chest.
Rakesh was moving his hand over Neha's bare shoulders. He also nibbled Neha's earlobes. His warm breath went into Neha's ears. It was very exciting feeling for Neha. She realized what she was missing all these days.
Rakesh now took small bites of her neck, which left some red marks. Now Rakesh pulled her gown completely. Neha was fully nude. In Rakesh's arms. Her husband, Pravin was standing in the bathroom watching his own wife nude, in the arms of his employee.
After making her nude, Rakesh again took her close to him. He wrapped his hands around her waist. And started kissing her neck. He noticed hat Pravin was watching them. He felt a bit nervous but Pravin signaled him to continue.
Neha whispered in his ears "Take me to the bed". Rakesh obliged. He picked her up and walked towards the bed and laid her on it. Neha, his fantasy girl, was now laying on the bed, naked. Dim light in the bedroom was reflecting from her smooth beautiful body.
Her well rounded breasts with erect nipples were pointing atRakesh. He dropped his pants and underwear to get completely naked and jumped on Neha. First thing Neha noticed was the warm hard feeling of Rakesh's penis. She was very thrilled.
This was the first time she was experiencing a bare touch of man's hardened penis. Rakesh kissed her breasts and then licked around her nipple. Then he wrapped his lips around it and slowly sucked it. It was some heavenly feeling thatNeha experienced.
In past, her husband had done this for her many times but it was all upon her instructions and very coldly. Now, she was experiencing how an aroused man can please a woman.Pravin was watching Neha, his own wife, moaning and enjoying Rakesh's company.
decided to get inside Now Neha asked Rakesh to get off her. Rakesh did so. Neha got up and now she came over him. She sat right on his penis so that it would rub against her clitoris. Her legs were around his thighs.
She started rubbing against his penis and bent down to kiss Rakesh's hairy chest. Her breasts were rubbing against Rakesh's stomach. She was so engaged in enjoying the feelings that she did not even notice that her husband was watching her enjoying another man.
Now she moved below and handled Rakesh's penis. It was really very big. With natural instincts, she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Now it was Rakesh's turn to scream. Neha was apparently doing a good job, or should I say blow job.
Her husband, Pravin too was startled to find Neha's act. It was so good that if Neha continued any longer then Rakesh would explode in her mouth. Rakesh asked her to stop and he pushed her aside. Now RakeshNeha. He got up and came between her legs.
He rested her legs against his shoulders and entered his penis inside her. Neha screamed. Pravin thought she is not feeling good so he got up from the chair and went near her and patted her head and asked "Are you okay Neha?"
Neha held his hands tightly and said yes. Rakesh asked if he should stop but Neha asked him to continue. Neha was about to loose her virginity to a man while her husband was watching it sitting besides her head and holding her head.
Rakesh now got in. It was very wet and warm inside Neha's vagina. He started stroking Neha deeper. Neha was screaming and biting Pravin's fingers. Neha asked Rakesh to give harder strokes. Rakesh started doing so.
It was getting unbearable for Neha as she reached close to an orgasm. Rakesh noticed that. He too was not very far from exploding. He stopped when his penis was deep inside her vagina. He stayed in that position for a second or so, before a strong squirt of his semen shoot inside her vagina. Neha too had an orgasm at same time. Pravin noticed that since her grip around Pravin's hand tightened up. She started biting her lower lip. Rakesh collapsed on her body due to exhaustion.
Within few minutes, its all calm. Pravin was feeling very awkward to see his naked wife lying under another naked man. He was the odd man out with full clothes on. But he was satisfied that he could make his wife happy.
His wife was not a virgin anymore, although he still was, and would continue to be. He decided to leave the couple in that position and went back to the recliner to sleep

My Sweet and Sexy Frnd (Part 2)

My Sweet and Sexy Frnd (Part 1)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


monalisa...my sexy girl friend

Amra jokhon prem shuru kori, MonaLisa tokhon matro 15-16 hobe, amar friend er cousin. Oi olpo boyosh ei okey first time dekhe prem e pore gelam. Khubi shy mey ta, innocent type. Chele ra je or jonno kamon pagol, bujhe na. Bujhle lojja pey jae. Kintu or parents khub strict, jar foley kono chele chance o pae na. Tai amar jonno easy hoye gelo, amar friend er through okey contact korlam. Ei bhabei amader prem shuru holo, last 3 yrs dhore cholche.
Monalisa din din aro shundor hocche, teenager theke aste aste she is turning into a woman. Dudh theke shuru kore pura shorir tai developed hocche, jekhane jae shobar chokh e pore. Phone e ekhon kotha holei ami chance nei, kotha ektu ?onno? dikey aganor. Kintu Monalisa either bujhto na, ba na bujhar bhan korto. Khubi frustrating lagto amar kache bapar ta. Raag hotam or upor, abar bhabtam, amon to na je o onno chele der shathe kichu korche. Ekdom perfect gf, innocent, shy, perhaps ekhon physical relationship er jonno ready na.
Jai hok, onek din onek cheshtar por finally bapar ta agalo. Credit amar nijer na, or cousin rai or mathae dhukalo bapar ta. Or mamato bon er matro biye holo, shob cousin ra boshe alap korto, or oi cousin er kach theke sex er details shune ei bapar e or suddenly curiosity barlo. Dekhi amake proshno kora shuru korlo ek din, or agey ki amar onno gf chilo naki, kichu korechilam naki, ei dhoron er kotha. Or agey ami dui jon ke chudechi, onek ager experience, , sharakhon mathae chudar chinta ghurto. Ar ato hot, abar innocent ekta gf, matha khubi gorom thakto. Jai hok, oke bollam amio or moto virgin, tokhon dekhi o khushi holo. Finally ek din decide korlo, ei bapar e amader kichu ekta kora uchit.

Tarpor to preparations shuru. Ek friend er kach theke advice nilam, ei pola abar prochur maia chudeche, onek tips o dilo. In fact, or abar advantage holo, or parents duijon i chakri kore, so din er bela bari khali thake. Aramse ami amar Monalisa ke or flat e niye prothombar er moto chodon dite parbo. Date o amra fix korlam, Monalisar 19th birthday er dui din por. Oi dui din amon khecha hoise amar, ki bolbo. Plan chilo shob maal jomiye rakhar, but excitement e nijeke control korte partam na, amon ki or shathe phone e kotha bolte bolte khechtam. Or ekta pic amar kache chilo, brown sharee pora. Din raat oita te dhon ghoshtam, ek magazine e or chobi chilo, otar upor maal feltam. Bechari innocent shy girlfriend amar, kichui ter peto na. Otherwise amake na jani koto joghonno mone korto.
Finally shomoi holo, Monalisa or friend er bari jabar naam kore chole ashlo amar bondhur flat e, ami ar amar dhon ready ekdom. Bolechilam okey sharee porte, amar onek din er fantasy, okey tv te ad e sharee pora dekhle dhon ekdom pant chire beriye ashto. Monalisa ke sharee chodon dibo, kintu luck kharap, o sharee pore ashte pare nai. Bollo sharee pore bari theke ber hole ma kichu shondeho korte pare. Oi din o porlo orange ekta top, ar black skirt. Khubi sweet lagchilo okey, ektu halka kore lipstick ar eyeshadow diye, amon sexy look, agey okey erokom dekhi nai. Bujhlam, o mood e ache, amader prothom bar er opekkhae, khubi special kore shaj kore esheche.
Okey niye gelam friend er bedroom e, bichanae pasha pashi boshlam amra. Mone hocchilo o ektu nervous, ei dike amar dhon to already fetey jacche, ekkhoni maal out hoi hoi obosta. Kintu amar friend amake advise korechilo, je amio motamoti inexperienced, tai chudar agey ekbar kheche niley bhalo hoi. Tahole Monalisar shamne embarassed hote hobe na. Okey bollam ami ektu toilet e jabo, er moddhe o ready hok, ami ekkhoni ashchi. Toilet e giye to kono bapar i na, dhon e haat dite na ditei maal out. No problem, Monalisa ke dekhte jamon lagche, dhon ta abar reload hote beshi shomoi lagbe na. Er moddhe ami okey ektu ready kori, ar amar confidence o barlo, je ekhon at least matro maal beriyeche, so or shathe first time e lojja pawar chance kom, kichukhon thapate parbo aram kore.
Giye dekhi o bichanae pa tule bosha, lokkhi meyer moto, matha nichu kore ki jano chinta korche. Amake dekhe matha tule ekta hashi dilo, cute ekta smile. Ato shaj kore esheche, tarpor o je ki innocent lagchilo Monalisa ke. Ei mey ta shotti khub special, infact amar mone hocchilo, je okey chudar shomoi o or face er moddhe kono bhabe kono khanki type expression ashbe na, ei sweet meyer face e erokom kichu shombhob na. Dekhlam o pa malish korche, heel pore eshechilo, notun juta, pa batha korche. Heel porar habit nai or, amake khushi koranor jonno poreche. Tarpor abar amar idiot friend er flat e lift noshto, char tala uthe ashte hoyeche or. Ami or pashe boshe or pa duta amar koley rakhlam, massage korchi. Shurutei dekhi o lojja o pacche, abar khub ticklish o, pa bar bar shoriye nite cheshta korche. Ami charlam na, ei chance e aste aste kore or skirt ta uthate thaklam. Khub beshi dur na, ekhono hatur upor jai ni. Lojjae already Monalisa laal. Pa duta je ki smooth, ekdom charte iccha korche . Mone hoi ajkei bari theke shave kore esheche, amar jonno. O virgin, tarpor abar ato shy ar innocent, ta nahole tokhon i licking shuru kore ditam or pa. Kintu ei stage e amon kichu kore okey bhoi dekhate chai na.
Ami ebar Monalisa ke amar koley boshte bollam, ektu hesitate korlo shuru te, tarpor boshlo. Kamon jano tense o, shokto hoye ache. Teney aro kache anlam, or pacha ta amar dhon er shathe lagalam. Ekhono ami pant pora, o skirt pora, kintu o feel korte parlo amar erection. Prothom e chomke gelo, amon kichu o agey kokhono feel kore nai life e. Er moddhe ami haat diye or chul shoriye or neck er pichon kiss korchi. Or face laal hoye gelo, or dudh up down korte laglo or heavy breathing e. Ektu relax korlo ekhon Monalisa, enjoy korche aste aste. Haat diye ekta ekta kore or orange blouse er buttons khula shuru korlam. Monalisa ekdom putul er moto amar kole bosha, jore jore shash nicche, kintu amake badha dicche na, kichui mana korche na. Shorir olpo kapche, olpo.

Blouse er bhitor o black ekta bra pore chilo, bhablam eito jhamela. Bra khular bapar e amar experience kom, hoito okey bolte hobe khulte. Pore dekhi je bra ta khula besh easy, shamnei hook, tamon problem holo na. Ekhono dudh dekhte parlam na or, pichon theke haat bariye feel korchi jodio. Norom dudh tipe jacchi halka kore, nipple e finger diye rub korchi, ektu ektu kore shokto hocche. Er moddhe or blouse aste aste kore shoulder theke neme jacche, ami or shoulder o kiss korchi, ato smooth skin Monalisar, halka kore kamor o dicchi. Or naked shoulder e amar tongue er sporsho, plus nipple ektu kore rub korchi, Monalisa amar kole boshe aro jorey ekhon kapa shuru korlo. Jore shash nicche, dudh duta utha nama korche or. Pacha ta amar dhon e ghosha khacche bar bar, amar dhon er moddhe ready for action. Tokhon jodi ektu agey na khechtam, definitely atokhon e maal out. Monalisar ei body, ei figure, ei looks, or chul, perfume, shoulder er smell e ami taal hoye jacchi. Naak ghoshchi okey piche theke, tarpor okey uthalam kole theke, ghuriye daar koriye prothom bar er moto or dudh dekhlam. Forsha meye Monalisa, pichon theke okey dhore bujhlam or dudh khubi sensitive spot. Or haat shokto kore dhore rakhlam, o jano lojjae dudh lukanor cheshta na kore. Behayar moto takiye thaklam kichukhon, ba diker dudh ta laal kore felechi tipte tipte. Ekhon right side er tar turn ashche.
Abar tene kole boshalam oke, kintu ebar amar dike face kore. Kiss korlam oke, o thoth, gaal, gola, shoulder, shob agiye dilo, ekbar ekbar kore shob i kiss korchi. Or haat dhore fingers kiss korlam, tarpor wrist theke shuru kore kiss korte korte shoulder porjonto gelam, pura arm e kono spot baad rakhlam na. Ki shundor smooth haat or. Monalisa nijei ekhon besh aroused, okey next kothae kiss korbo, o nijei shorir agae dicche. Golae kamor dite dite daan diker dudh tar upor concentrate korlam, malish korchi iccha moto. Er moddhe or blouse ar bra dutai khule felechi. Monalisa topless hoye amar kole bosha, ekjon arekjon ke kiss korchi, pacha feel korchi or skirt er upor diye, ei dike skirt er zipper o khular cheshta korchi pichon diye. Monalisa o jano osthir amar chodon khete, amar shirt khule fello o, amar buk er lom e or face ghosha shuru korlo. Kichukhon matha rakhlo amar buk er upor, or gorom nishshash ami feel korlam, kiss kore or lipstick diye amar buk bhore dilo.
Ebar okey kole theke uthiye abar dar koralam. Skirt ta khule mati te pore gelo, shudu matro ekta black panty pore Monalisa amar shamne dariye. Pacha ta dhore aste aste kore khula shuru korlam, ekhon o shompurno nogno. Ekdom patla figure, dudh duta fule ache, komor ar pacha ta darun shape, ekdom perfect jaegae shob curves or, voda tar dike takiye dekhi baal tamon nei. Okey taan diye bichanae shuiye dilam, shathe shathe o pa duta close kore dilo. Ami amar trousers khule or pashe shulam. Monalisa ha kore amar dhon er dike takiye thaklo, mone holo ekhon abaro nervous. Or first time, obviously bhoi pacche, je ei jinish ta first time or vodae dhukbe, batha ki o shojjo korte parbe? Ami okey bollam, jaan, dhore dakho, lojja pawar kichu nai. Or norom komol forsha haat amar dhon er upor diye chalano shuru korlo, matha theke shuru kore ekdom bichi porjonto haat chalalo, onekta jano amake handjob dicche oi norom haat diye. Ato soft touch, mone hoi jano keu kiss korche amar dhon. Obak hoye takiye ache o, first time dhon haat e nicche. Jotobar ghosche, toto size barche amar dhon er, Monalisar haat kapche. Bhoi o pacche, kintu life e first time ei experience, charte o iccha hocche na or. Er moddhe amio or pa ektu faak kore or guder ashe pashe haat chalono shuru korlam, dekhi o bar bar pa abar kache ene amake badha dicche. Moja pacche, kintu ekhono lojja pura kete uthe ni. Tai mone holo, hoito oral sex er chinta ta baad dei, o ekhono ready na amon kichu korte, ar oke dekhe erokom mey mone o hoi na. Ar amake jekhane haat e dite dicche na, mukh to aro dibe na.
Okey proshno korlam, ?Monalisa, ekhon ki tumi ready?? O kichukhon chup, kono kotha nei mukh e, tarpor matha naralo, raji. Amar dike takalo, bhoi ar excitement face e, ami bujhalam, ?Jaan, ami to tomake konodin i batha dibo na, koshto dibo na, tumi jano. Tomar jodi bhalo na lage, batha kore, amake bollei hobe? Erokom kore aro kichukhon okey bujhalam, tarpor o bichanae abar shuye porlo. Ami or pa ektu faak kore or upor shulam, dui haat diye shorir er bhar ta nilam, jano or upor pressure na pore. Naak mukh diye okey touch korchi or face e, neck e, kaan e kiss korchi, o chokh bondho kore shuye ache, jore shash nicche, or buk e haat diye dekhi heartbeat onek bere geche or. Mone holo ekhono bhoi pacche, karon amar dhon er size dekhar por theke or mon er moddhe ei bhoi ta dhukeche. Mone holo, joto taratari or virginity niye nibo, or jonnoi bhalo, er por theke o enjoy kora shuru korbe amader sex. Haat diye kichu khon or thighs ar pacha stroke korlam, or guder upor baal er upor diye haat chalalam. Dhon ar wait korte raji na, dhukiye dilam Monalisar tight gude. Na, beshi dur dhuklo na, mey ta ekdom tight kore rekheche, dhokar kono upae nei. Khub force diye je ekta thela dibo, tao parchi na, bechari ekdom chokh bondho kore amon face kore rekheche, dekhe maya laglo. Back to kissing, licking, stroking.
Or shorir abar joto bhabe shombhob ami ador korlam, aste aste kore jodi o ei tightness ta chere dae, ektu gud ta loose kore amar jonno. Okey relax korlam, or kan e kiss korchi. Finally abar try nilam ekta, abaro o same reaction or. Monalisa atoi nervous, ar or virgin gud ta ato tight, ektuo access pacchi na ami. Chinta hocche ekhon, jodi na hoi ajke? Ar ki ei chance pabo?
Okey abar relax korte hobe. Shuye or lips kiss korchi, chance pey tongue dhukiye dilam. Sure chilam na or ki reaction hobe, kintu bhaloi holo. Amar tongue or tongue sporsho koratei Monalisa jeno chomke uthlo, body ta ekhon norche, sex er jonno ready hocche. Ei chance e or dudh o stroke kore jacchi, nipples shokto hoye ache. Dekhi o pa aste aste fak korche, jano shob bhoi chole jacche, o ekhon amake chae or bhitor dhuke pori. Life e prothom bar er moto ekta dhon er sensation pete Monalisa ekhon ready.
Ar deri na kore third attempt nilam, abaro badha. Kintu ebar ektu different, o jano gud ta tule amake offer korte chae, amake French kiss korte korte automatically or body respond korche. Matha ta dhukiye dilam, ektu bhija, or rosh er shathe slip kore aro shohoj hoye gelo, ektu ektu in out korte korte finally dilam thap, bathae chitkar diye uthlo Monalisa. Ami thapano chaliye gelam, ekhono aste aste, dekhi bathar kotha bhule o ekhon aram pacche, ekhon mukh e onno rokom awaj korche.
Monalisar virgin guder gorom rosh ar rokto mile amar dhon e amon feelings dicche, bole bujhate parbo na. Thapanor majhe du ekbar slip hoye beriye ashlam, dhon e dekhlam rokto, or gud theke beriye bichanar chador e poreche. Or dike takalam, mone holo na ar batha korche or. Chaliye gelam thapano, aro jore ebar. Thap khacche Monalisa, proti ta thaap e ami aro jore aro deep jacche or bhitor, ekhon pa duta besh faak kora. Or shorir e besh kichu jaegae laal spots dekhlam, besh uttejito hoye utheche o. Ter pelam amar o time chole esheche, or pa duta tule niye or vodar gobhir e dhuke maal diye bhore dilam. Tarpor ekjon arekjon ke dhore shuye thaklam, Monalisa hapacche, or gorom shash feel korchi amar buk er upor. Haat pa diye joriye tight kore oke dhore achi. Monalisar first time, asha kori o kokhono bhulbe na.

Monday, August 16, 2010


sexy sonia

Tokhon almost 11 PM, restaurant prae khali. Amader pasher table e ekta couple bosha, lok ta ta besh kichu bar Soniar dike takacchilo, tarpor bou er kache dhora khe chepe gelo. Or dosh diye ki labh? Sonia ja poreche, waiter darwan theke shuru kore shobai takiye ache or dike. Niche denim skirt, no panties. Sonia amar shathe date e gele kokhono panty pore na, o jane eta amar jonno oshombhob turn on. Chinta kore ato hot hoye jai, parle gari tei chude dei okey. Kintu ar keu to ar eta janey na, shobar chokh porche or dudh er upor, tight t-shirt na porle or hoi na? Abar dudh er ja size, shob t-shirt i to tight hoi or.
Sonia ke beshi kichu din dhore chuda hoi nai, amra dujon i prochondo rokom horny tokhon. Dinner er por por i dessert order diye wait korchi. Amon shomoi dekhi Sonia or chair ta ektu amar kache anlo, ar skirt ta haat diye olpo olpo kore tulche. Jani je panty nai, haat dile ami straight to voda, Sonia’s tight voda. Dhon shokto hote dui second. Er moddhe waiter icecream niye ashlo, khankir pola ki dekhse jani na, jodio onno side e chilo table er. Ager choti te bolechilam Sonia kamon games khelte pochondo kore, o thik tai korlo. Vanilla icecream cone ta lick korche ar amon bhabe takacche, ki bolbo. Icecream melt hocche or gorom shash e, ar melted drops gula o chete saaf kore dicche. Ekhono takiye ache amar dike.
Er por shuru korlo Sonia last over. Dekhlam hothat chair e kamon helan diye boshlo, almost shuye porar moto. Ki bapar, bujhte na bujhte feel korlam, table er nich theke Sonia or soft pa diye amar thighs e rub korche. O high heels khule or left pa diye amar pant e ghoshche. Agate agate pouche gelo destination e, amar shokto khara dhon e ekhon o foot diye tickle korche. Niche takiye dekhi, shundor nailpolish dewa pa ta, amar dhon chulkacche, ter pelam amar dhon bhije gelo pre cum e. Shotti kotha, pant tokhon fetey jacche, ar parbo na, ekhoni jhapiye porbo or upor….Sonia themey gelo? Uthe daralo, ghure, pacha ta dulate dulate restaurant er baire hata dilo. Khali pa e. Uff, ei pagol mey ta kon din je amake mere felbe. Ami taratari bill pay kore, or juta duta niye gelam or pichon. Dhon tokhono erect, bujhlam ei restaurant e ar asha hobe na amar. Baire giye dekhi garir hood e boshe ache Sonia, hashche. Or sweet ekta giggle, jokhon jane o amake pagol kore felche, tokhon ei hashi ta dae. Dekhe iccha hoi ram chodon dite.
Sonia ek pa tullo, perfect angle, abaro mone koriye dilo o panty pore nai. Taratari or jonno garir dorja khule dilam, dhukar shomoi dudh bari khelo amar arm e. Ekhon okey basha namate hobe, kintu Sonia ke chudte amar hobei. Dorkar hole gari tei….ar parchi na. Drive kore jacchi bashae, kintu Sonia amake ekhono charlo na. Or ek haat amar pant er upor diye chalacche, aste kora zip khule fello or norom haat diye. Tarpor amar dhon niye khela shuru korlo, jano garir gear change korche, 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd, 4th….gorom kore fello o dhon amar. Khub i aste chalacchi gari, ek to accident hobar bhoi. Abar ekhon bashae oke namateo iccha hocche na, dekhi or mind e aro koto ki khela ache ekhono.
Tarpor Sonia hothat garir picher seat e giye, pa fak kore boshe nirlojjer moto fingering shuru korlo. Rastae chokh rakhbo, naki oke dekhbo? Ei mey take ato chudi, ato chudi, thanda korte parlam na. Ekhon pichon theke ashche moaning er awaj, Soniar shorir kapche, thot e kamor diye masturbate korei jacche o. Or bashar road e eshe dekhi electricity nai, shob light off. Rasta ondhokar…
Amar haat kapche, prochondo horny ami. Sonia er moddhe dekhi or denim skirt khule feleche. Ekhon picher seat theke or lomba forsha smooth pa ta bariye amar ghar er upor tullo. Ar parlam na, gari ta kono rokom park kore picher seat e gelam, or upor chore boshlam. Ekdom wet pussy, access pete kono problem i holo na. Dui pa amar komor e pechiye diye Sonia amake joriye dhorlo, kache tanlo. Shirt er button chire amar buk e khamchi dicche, thapiye jacchi ami Sonia ke. Pacha ta tule rekheche Sonia, thap er shathe taal milacche. Hothat awaj shunlam, ke jano knock korche, police nato?

Dekhi na, Sonia dui pa diye garir chaad e bari dicche, ei awaj shune chomke giyechilam. Buk e khamchi diye to rokto ber kore diyeche mey ta, ar face e to daag boshaloi. Beshi horny hoye gele Sonia always ei kaaj ta kore, onek din por jokhon okey abar bhalo moto chudi. Amar friends ra porer din dekhlei bujhe jae, ager raat Soniar shathe amar koyek round hoye geche.
Sonia ke ami kom chudi nai, amar agey dekhi o ter pey jae amar kokhon maal out hobe. Thik jokhon aram kore or tight vodae maal dhalar prostuti nicchi, amake dhakka diye shoriye dilo Sonia. Ekhon ki paglami chaplo or mathae? Kichu bujhar agey amar upor o chore boshlo, or ekta favourite position, amar dhon er upor lafano. Dhon ta bhalo kore vodae fit kore niye komor jhakacche, vodar bhitor proti ta wall e bari khacche amar dhon. Tarpor ekta angle or pochondo holo, oi position e abar lafano shuru korlo Sonia. Or gorom vodar rosh goriye porche garir seat e. Onekkhon lafiye or orgasm holo, voda diye amar dhon ekdom kamriye dhorlo, jano maal chushe felbe ja ache bhitor e.
Sonia amake release korar por or dike takiye dekhi, ekhon sexy look dicche amake, aro chae o. Ebar amar favourite position, orgasm er por o ektu klanto, ami ei chance e oke doggy style e shajiye nilam. Tarpor bheja vodae raam thap, beshi khon hoito parbo na, kintu thamlam na. Komor e haat diye pichon theke ato jore marchi oke, prae seat theke pore gelo Sonia. Ekdom deep penetration, chitkar dicche Sonia, parar lok ato din e jane, ei chitkar ekmatro Soniar mukh thekei ashte pare, oke jokhon kora chodon dewa hoi. Pochat pochat awaj hocche, Soniar voda bhije shesh, finally amar o maal out hobe, tokhon ber kore or pachar upor maal falalam. Hapate hapate or upor porlam, kichu khon shuye thaklam e bhabe, or pith, pachar upor diye haat buliye dicchi, ghar e kamor dicchi, kaan er pichon lick korchi. Khub iccha hocche, shara raat e bhabe oke dhore shuye thakar, kintu already besh late hoye geche.
Ondhokar e kapor khuje kono rokom pore fellam dujon, tarpor bashae Sonia ke namiye dilam.