Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sex with Shipra

Hello dear readers this is Ashish from New Delhi and i am 25 male very good looking guy fair complexion.
Shipra in a beach

Anyhow now I am going to explain you about my 1st encounter with my MD friend. Here starts like this I joined in this organization in the month of June and in a very short period of time i was very close with my MD her name is Sindhu. She is very straight forward person and friendly person. She used to spend more time with me in the office. This makes the others jealous about me.
They taught that sex relation is going on between us. But to be frank I don’t have such kind of intention or taught in my mind. But i am very close with her. I used to go to her home while coming to office she usually comes at late hours so in the morning I go to her home i used to submit the documents to her and have my breakfast with her. But never ever think of her.
So days are passed like that still my office people are thinking in the same way on one day i got a call from my sister that she is planning to celebrate 1st Birthday party of my nephew. So she told to do the arrangements kind of things. The next day i went to some hotels along with my sister husband and book
Birthday party at one 5 star hotel and we started inviting our relatives for the party at the same time i welcomed my friends as well as Sindhu and office staff. So on the day Sindhu called me and said that she will come along with her friend. I said ok in the evening the party started and i was very busy with all arrangements then I got call from Sindhu i asked her where she was, she said turn back i turned back there I saw Sindhu and her friend.
There I seen this lady by 1st look I was very disturbed. I went there and receive them then Sindhu introduced me to her. Her name is Shipra she looks so hot she in black saree.  I usually like the women in black saree and her lips are like red cherries and having round boobs i guess she is 34-28-36. And i was really disturbed by her at that moment. We seated at one table and had some formal chat, after some time
I went on the stage there the cake cutting is going on after cake cutting. They came to me and ask me to come for dinner along with them I said to my sister and parents and went into dinner hall along with guests and there we started our dinner then Shipra started asking questions about my family and all, later Sindhu went to get dessert then I asked Shipra about her family she said she is married and her husband lives in US.
She is staying along with her mother in same city. Then we exchanged our no’s. After the dinner they left i spend lot of time in the hotel along with my family members and other relatives. From the next day on wards i started thinking about her i tried to call her but i don’t want to take risk as she is Sindhu friend. So i controlled myself and I deleted her no. If i am having her no i will get bad ideas in my mind.
After two days I got an sms from a strange no “hello my dear how r u” I given the reply “who is this” as soon as I given the reply i got a call from that no, i pic the call and said hello there I listen her sweet voice of Shipra she said “u forgot me” i said “sorry on that day I forgot to save ur no’’ she said ok and we had formal talk, From that day I used to get calls from her I used to call her and I used to get the msgs from her.
And I don’t want to take any further chance if Sindhu comes to know there will be a problem. So I am waiting for the right time. And i know she also interested in me but still i m afraid to ask her. One day when I am in the office i got a call from her she said she is feeling lonely and asked me that she want a company she want to watch a movie and she given her home address to pic her up in the evening at 6pm.
I told to Sindhu I am not feeling well and left office bit early went to my room get freshen and went to her place and given a call she is staying in posh colony in New Delhi and offered to come inside her house I went inside she introduced to her mom and her dad is a contractor so he used to roam all the places.
And she offered me some coffee we had coffee and left the place we went to movie while watching movie she hold my hand all the time and used place on my thighs. I got erection in my pant and my tool got into 90 degrees size. I kept in control and after the movie we went to restaurant and ordered food then I started asking about her married life suddenly i saw tears in her eyes.
Then she said she divorced with her husband 2 years back. He was already having lot many affairs in US before the marriage. So divorced with him and came back to India. I felt so bad later I console her and take her hand in mine said everything will be ok. After finishing dinner i drop her at her place while leaving she hugged me and plant a kiss on my forehead and said good night, on that night I really disturbed by her kiss the whole night I was thinking about her.
The next day morning I given a call to her and had a formal chat with her. That day is Saturday and she asked me about my plans actually I planed to go to pub with my friends she said she also interested to come I said ok. I told to my friends I am going to some other place it’s not possible for me to come to pub they also cancel their program.
Evening i went to her house around 6:30pm. She is alone at her place and waiting for me. I enquired about her mom she said she went to Bangalore to attend a marriage function. My sixth sense is telling something is going to happen this night. She told me wait in the hall that she will change the dress and come. After 10 mints she came she wear a jeans and sleeveless top she looks like sexy hot bomb.
I am staring at her assets she noticed me and gave a naughty smile and said shell we move. We went a pub and seated at one table i ordered vodka and she ordered cocktail. After some time she asked weather i have gf or not, i said i have lot of friends particularly i don’t have gf until now. Later out drinks came after having the drink I asked her whether she interested to dance with me, she haply agreed my offer so we both went on dance floor a cool song is going on while dancing
She is moving very close to my body slowly I put my hand on her waist she did the same and started dancing slowly, she is staring into my eyes deeply even i am doing the same i don’t know what, is it the vodka effect or i don’t know simply i take my face close to her face and plant and deep kiss on her lips to my surprise she responded to my kiss, we kissed like that for 5 mins.
Later i told her slowly shell we move to corner place, she said yes meaningfully with her eyes. I took her corner place and started kissing on lips slowly and she hugged me tightly and responding to my kiss now i got the full encouragement she also want sex desperately, slowly i placed my hand on her firm boobs started pressing over the t-shirt, she didn’t said anything then slowly inserted my hand into her top and started pressing her nipple, she moaned slowly and whisper in my ear will move to home as soon as possible.
After 30 mins we reached her place as soon as we entered into the house she locked the door and attacked on me like tigress we started kissing madly i took her in my hands and she guided me to her bed room. I slowly placed her on the bed and went on top of her slowly started kissing on lips, i kissed her about 10 mins then slowly came down to her boobs and started pressing over her t-shirt and in seconds
I removed her top she wear a black color lacy bra and looking so hot. I am caressing her boobs with my hands. And slowly came down to her novel and started licking it. She is moaning very loudly while licking her novel i am pressing her boobs very tightly with one hand and my other hand is rubbing her pussy over her jeans, after licking some time i slowly came down and removed her jeans.
She wear matching black color panties, she really looking like a sex goddess in her bra and panties, then slowly she came on top of me and started removing my shirt and tease my nipples and soon i take out my jeans now i am only on jockey. Slowly she removed my jockey, as soon as she took out my dick sprung out and facing to her. She slowly take it into hands and giving strokes after some time to my surprise she took it into her mouth and giving me blowjob.
That is my 1st blowjob in my life feeling so great after about 15 mins I am ready to cum, I told her the same, she said cum in her mouth and in seconds I cum in her mouth, she took every drop and swallowed it and cleaned my tool. She is still in her bra and panties slowly I removed her bra and started licking her nipple and with other hand pressing the other boob she is moaning very loudly, and about 15 mins of licking her boobs one by one slowly
I insert my hand into her panties and started rubbing her clit, lot of juices are oozing from her pussy I took out my hand tasted her juice it is salty but so tasty soon i removed her panties and placed my tongue on her clit and licking her pussy now she is moaning like hell, her pussy is oozing lot juice I am taking each and every drop and licking her pussy like a mad man.
She hold my head and pressed to her pussy tightly and locked with her legs after some time there is shivering sensation came in her body and cum into my mouth i licked everything and cleaned her pussy now my dick is in full erection. I went on top of her she stretched her legs and guided my 7” dick into her pussy. Her pussy is very tight and its paining to her as she is not having sex from long time.
I tried once again slowly inserted 1st my head went inside and slowly after 2 pushups my dick disappeared into her pussy and tears came from her eyes. I asked her should i remove my dick? She said its ok now start doing it and make me cool, i am looking for this kind of pleasure from long time now the time came fulfill my desire and all my body is for you. After listening these words i started stroking her pussy slowly. After some strokes slowly her pain convert into joy and she started enjoying.
Slowly i increased my speed and giving her hard strokes and pinching her nipples she is moaning like hell and started saying “fuck me. Fuck me. Hard. Those sounds make me crazy and ramping her pussy like there is no tomorrow. Her sounds are increasing by every stroke and soon she had one more orgasm and i am still stroking her very hard. After about fucking her for 20 mins i also came in and collapsed on her body by keeping my dick in her pussy.
She slowly take my head and planted a kiss on my lips and said thank you so much when i saw u 1st time at the party i started dreaming about you. I also said my feelings. After some time we went to bath room cleaned ourselves and came back to bed. She placed her head on my chest and started telling her past life how she faced problems with her hubby and all those things.
And she took promise from me that whenever she want to have sex I have to satisfy her. I asked next means when, she immediately said one more round now. By listening those words my dick again came to its original position and had sex with her. That night i had sex with her for 4 times the next day is Sunday and the whole day i am with her only and that whole day we didn’t wear any cloths and had sex in kitchen living room and bathroom also!

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