Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sex with my lovely Aunt

lovely Anunty VEENA
My aunt (Veena) got married to a Bank employee and she had two kids both are between 10(boy) and 15(girl) in age. My uncle was transferred to Bangalore and he often visits ones in a month. My aunt stayed in mangalore.
Once am in holidays and wanted to stay in my aunt’s house for 4 days. it was Monday night, we all finished our dinner and my cousins went for bed. After finishing the dinner aunt had gone for bath. I didn’t get sleep so i wanted to read some magazine. So i gone to my aunt’s room there i heard the sound of water flushing. So i peeped into bathroom. There i saw my aunt naked. she was massaging her boobs in front of mirror from her left hand and from another hand she was rubbing her cunt (pussy).
By watching this i couldn’t tolerate myself. By some how i dared to go inside. and stood beside her. She felt like somebody was near to her and she turned around me. For her surprise it’s me. See was shy but, she felt like she was in need of sex. And I slowly moved my hands over her right boobs. It was very smooth like cotton and I started to smooch her. Now she got erected and she had given her tongue to suck. The juice of her mouth was sweet like a gulab jamun’s juicy oil.
After that I took the towel and rubbed all over her and lifted her in my arms.
She closed her eyes and hugged me. I dropped her slowly on bed. She was like a newly married girl like a teenage girl. Her boobs were of 36-38 in size. She was sexy. I put my hands around her stomach. wa woh it was amazing like a spongy pillow. I put my finger on the hole which is located in her stomach and started massage over there. She started to moan ummmmmmm after I started to squeeze her nipples by using my two fingers like an chapati’s atta. Now she was in heaven. Now a juice came from her cunt. I started to drink and had not left one drop. Now she asked me to fuck her like anything.
Now I separated her legs and kept my 6inchs dick(Penis) in her pussy boarder and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were welcoming me and she was hunger for sex. But I wanted to kiss her lips and while kissing she satisfied me and asked me to satisfy her.
Now by trusting my dick in front of her pussy hole, I pushed my dick. I was feeling very hot in her. It was my first experience and it was amazing. I was pulling my dick out and pushing it in like an machine. Guys it was too good. What a heat….
She started to moan ummmmmmm.. haaaaaaaa haaaaaa.. she started to encourage me à o dear don’t be slow…. Keep going.. u made my day…… hege joragi hodi…. Enu jorgi hodi… nanna anna na maagene hodi… nanna yoni yaanu haari,,,,, nana aliya neenu…
By listening this I started to fuck her in a horse speed. We both had an orgasm.
We had our sex rounds for 4-6 times.
She wanted to be pregnant from me. And with in one year she is pregnant.
Now she is a mother of 3 children’s. Even now am having sex with her and while having sex I drink the milk from milky breast its almost more than 38 in size.

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