Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FONT PROBLEM????? beangli font not coming?????


This help page explains how to use http://desibengalihotstory.blogspot.com more effectively. Please note the following points...

  • Now there is no need to download any ActiveX control. Medium, High security or Firewall will not create problem until the security prohibits to download safe webfontfiles.

  • The running of Bengali fonts in Aajkaal website is optimized for IE 4.1, IE 5, IE 5.5 and IE 6 in Windows Machines. So try to use IE for best view.

  • In case you find any problem try refreshing the page or clear the history or delete the temporary internet files from your windows directory.

  • If above method fails, check your charset-setting. To do it : Go to 'View' menu in the Internet Explorer, select 'Encoding', choose 'West European (Windows) or West European(ISO)'. For Netscape : Choose 'View' ... 'Charset' ...'West European (Windows) or West European(ISO)'.

    If you still encounter problems with IE (it may be due to strong firewall or incorrect IE installation or misconfigured language/charset setting or non-consistent internet source ) please try other browsers.

    You may use Netscape in Windows machines, though you may encounter certain problems in certain characters.

    Even using Netscape if you can't see anything bengali or you are using other browser (e.g. Opera ), please download the font to your computer from HERE or get the Zip file HERE and then install it at your C:\Windows\Fonts (C:\WINNT\Fonts for NT/WIN2K) Directory. This way you should see bengali properly in windows machines using browser other than IE. You can try the same for other OS (Specially MAC).

    If you are using Internet Explorer and still can't see bengali fonts, please download the font, install the font in your computer and try.

  • Please try the above first before reporting any font related error. While sending feedback also mention if you are using Firewal, Proxy server, internet connection line or if you have installed any local language keyboard softwares (e.g. for typring Arabic, Bengali, Hindi etc ). We will try to sort out those errors if feasible.

  •  To contact the developer you can contact the developer at http://www.remoteprogrammer.com .

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